Selection and control

Lirix subjects your source text to a thorough analysis. Then we select the right translator for you: a native speaker with the necessary background and experience.
Your project is closely monitored, with strict controls on budget and deadline. Each translation is then checked by a second professional linguist.

Quality and speed

Lirix utilises TRADOS computer aided translation software. All translations that you entrust to us are stored according to language combination in a bilingual database. For consecutive assignments, we can modify, adapt or reuse parts of texts. This translation memory provides the translator with previous translations in order to ensure consistency. Terminology is stored in a dedicated terminology management tool. Result: we translate faster, you pay less.

All file formats

You can send us your documents in any file format: Word, PowerPoint, Excel, PDF, InDesign, HTML, XML, etc. All file formats can be processed through the software system, allowing the layout of your text to be preserved. Lirix delivers your translation in exactly the same format as the original document.